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Stephanie Locke "A data science project in a day"

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Билеты на мероприятие "Stephanie Locke "A data science project in a day"" (19-05-2017 – 19-05-2017)
Продажа билетов закончилась 19 мая 2017 09:00

О мероприятии

19 мая в рамках SQLSaturday 616 Kyiv пройдёт pre-con от Stephanie Locke:

A data science project in a day

This hands-on day takes us through, step-by- step a data science project. From getting our hands on data, getting to
know it, selecting useful information, building a model, evaluating it, and deploying it, we'll see a project end-to- end.
We're going to use R throughout the day, and whilst it would be helpful if you already have R skills, we'll learn the
basics as we go along.
We’ll be walking step by step through all the key parts of a data science project:
  • Business Understanding
  • Data Understanding
  • Data Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment
This project is intended to give you some understanding of the process, code, and critical thinking required to become
a data scientist.

Speaker: Stephanie Locke

CEO, Locke data

Steph Locke leads a life of data, coffee, books and board games. During the day, Steph runs her own consultancy helping people start doing data science. Steph enjoys being her own gal as it means she gets to spend plenty of time building communities to provide platforms for people to help each other be better with data.

19 мая 2017
начало в 10:00
Компьютерная академия "Шаг"
Украина, Киев
вулиця Жилянська 128/28


Организатор: SQLSaturday Kyiv

Тел: +380637910063

Email: alesyazhook@gmail.com